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Search Engine Expert has supported many clients from all over the Globe. We have successfully delivered and made our customer happy with on-time delivery. We have expertise in various product life cycle phases to accomplish their product goals. We have the expertise to begin the project from any of the following stages of product life cycle management:

We proudly believe Our core Mantra "Creation, Innovation, and Evolution". We have experts to make our customer feel "Awesome". We have the expertise to solve the complex problem in a very innovative way.

Our experts provide a highly transparent approach to product lifecycle management never leaves you guessing. We continuously interact, advises and collaborates with customers.

Search Engine Expert provides Product Development Services:
New product development:
Search Engine Expert helps customers from small to large scale project, we bring innovative solution of a complex problem, we have the expertise to convert customer’s idea to Great products —providing experts guidance and rapid support from concept idea through stages like design, engineering, testing, and deliver to the market.

Product migration:

Our expert team support their product migration and support a longstanding—and successful—products on to the Java EE platform.
Product re-engineering:

We are ready to help you to bring maximum performance while improving the stability and usability of your existing product.
Product enhancement:

Every great product need enhancement. We are ready to help you to make your existing project secure, innovative and business-friendly.
Product testing:

We focus on the most important factor “Security”. Our Testing team has an excellent skill to test and make your software bug free.
Our Business Value:

● Accelerate time to market.
● Improved innovation and product management.
● Reduced product development cycle time and cost.
● Increased profitability and market share.
● Enhanced product performance and functionality.
● Quicker response to market changes.
● Reduced product development cycle time and cost.
● Increase return on investment.
● Maintain absolute confidence in your projects.
● Continuous Support for Customers

Custom Web Development:

Our website developers have dealt with projects of any complexity and size: from tiny digital products to sophisticated enterprise software; and we know our onions when it comes to custom web development.

We build awesome, Beautiful and device-friendly web experiences on Mobile, Tablet & Large screens devices.
We offer Web Services as below:
● Web strategy & consultation
● Web UX/UI design
● Responsive website design
● Website Redesign
● Custom web application development
● E-commerce website development
● Open source customization
● Custom SaaS product development
● Web automation testing
● Website marketing

ERP, CRM Development

Whether you are a developing business or an established one, you are probably searching for a very efficiency solution as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to automate your back office functions.

Any business objective is always to gain maximum profit. And, to gain maximum profit in your business, you always need to implement the right technology. There are two significant processes that help the growth of your complete business processes. These processes are enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) which just act as the backbone of your business by automating and supporting the overall business process.

Our team has significant experience in ERP development and the creation of fully integrated modules for managing your workforce and workflows, financial flows, and manufacturing processes. We provide high-end solutions to improve your existing business processes and to track your projects and resources.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are similar in many ways, as they are both used to increase the overall profitability of a business.

These systems overlap in some area and can be completely integrated into others. it’s best for a business to first look at them as separate, stand-alone systems. When viewed separately, it’s easier to see how ERP and CRM each play a role in improving efficiency and increasing sales.
What is CRM?

CRM at its simplest is systems and processes for managing a company’s interactions with current and potential customers. When we talk about CRM we usually are talking about CRM Software. CRM software is used to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing and, customer service.

What is ERP?

Where CRM manages the customer, ERP is used to manage the business. ERP is a system for improving the efficiency of business processes. Like CRM, ERP allows for the rapid sharing of standardized information throughout all departments. Employees all enter information into the ERP system, creating a real-time, enterprise-wide snapshot. Problems in any area will automatically create alerts in other affected areas.
What’s the difference?

ERP and CRM systems use different approaches to increase profitability. ERP focuses on reducing overheads and cutting costs. By making business processes more efficient, ERP reduces the amount of capital spent on those processes. CRM works to increase profits by producing greater sales volume.

How can we help you?

If you have any doubt, Feel free to contact our Experts who are ready to help you.
We provide ERP based solution in the different sectors like manufacturing, inventory, banking, maintenance, education, real estate, health industry, and many more.

Our expert team delivers the awesome solutions custom CRM and ERP based development services to empower their business need of any company operating in any industry like as below:
● Retail
● Media
● Manufacturing
● Real estate
● Financial services
● Hospitality
● Travel & tourism or any other.

Use CRM Software to manage any of the following front-office activities:
● Organize marketing efforts
● Manage the sales pipeline
● Calculate time spent on converting leads to closing deals
● Streamline your sales processes
● Automates customer service
● Track a customer’s interactions with your business
● Share marketing and sales collateral
● Create data reports
● Learn which products sell best and when
● Prioritize leads
● Manage inventory based on historical sales data
● Collaborate to sell as a team
● Manage your business contacts
● Manage your business leads
● Share customer profiles with co-workers
● See where leads come from
● Use ERP Software to manage back-office activities and tasks including the following:
● Distribution process management
● Supply chain management
● Services knowledge base
● Improve the accuracy of financial data
● Facilitate better project planning
● Automate employee life-cycle
● Standardize critical business procedures
● Reduce redundant tasks
● Assess business needs
● Accounting and financial applications
● Lower purchasing costs
● Manage human resources
● Payroll

The Benefits of Having Custom ERP Software
● Back Office Automation
● eliminate manual operations,
● easily collect data
● streamline business processes within the company.
● Keeping All Data in One Location
● all your data in one single location, helping to keep it consistent and up-to-date.
● Comprehensive Reporting
● With ERP development services, every user of the system can generate customizable reports with ease. can access and analyze data faster to make important business decisions more quickly.
● Enterprise planning solutions help sales and customer service employees interact more effectively with increases the overall quality of customer service.
● Enhanced Security
● data accuracy, consistency and eliminates data leakage threats.

Custom Website Development
We do architect, Build and Amplify Sophisticated Websites & Applications which can be utilized by expert design techniques and custom web development to craft, maintain and grow innovative digital experiences.

We specialize in working with companies to build amazing websites that convert to sales. Our innovative approach cuts out 50% of the work, while still building you the custom website your business needs. Let’s build together !!

We provide our customer with a full range of services across the website development cycle, from HTML/CSS markup to complete solutions for a variety of CMS and e-Commerce platforms. Agencies and freelancers trust us to deliver perfection to every project.

We take customer support seriously. Some might say we are fanatical. Nothing is more frustrating than needing help only to find no one around to give you a hand. Always Awesome. Others claim it, we live it. It's a help when you need it, not three days later.
B2B Portals Development

According to the portal content, there are two main types:
● Vertical trade portals. Our team design an online working site that links all supply chain segments of one industry or industry sector. Such portals enhance your operating efficiency, lower intermediary costs and considerably reduce order cycle time.
Technology use: Liferay

● Horizontal trade portals. ScienceSoft will develop an architecture of a huge open market with advanced search options, which concentrates on service, material or a product, bringing together buyers and sellers from different industries in both domestic and international markets.
B2B is primarily centered with supply chain management and plays an important role in connecting manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, B2C sites sell products, services and, information directly to end-users.

B2B portals build communication between corporates and companies. B2B may be used to provide financial transactions as well. B2B portals act as the one-stop for all needs. A B2B solution must be robust, reliable and effective as well as efficient and economical. A B2B solution needs to be designed in such a manner as to work under heavy load.

We design a portal application for Linux & Windows. We offer service in the BrB portal like registration services, personalization services, advertisement and, promotional services, build-your-own-site facilities, business analysis, and reporting facilities, content management, administration, and value-added services like Chat, Email, News, Message Boards and many more.

● Developing Corporate Intranets,
● Co-operative Knowledge Sharing Networks, and many Web-Based Applications
● Knowledge Management and Information Management
● Enterprise Web Application Integration (EAI) and Systems Integration
● Content Management (CMS) and Document Management
● System Infrastructure and Security
● Project Management
● Business Intelligence,

We build the solution and deliver them using iterative, incremental software development processes, engaging with the customer at all stages of a project and producing business-led cost-effective solutions

to business problems. Also, we provide customized solution portal for an Administration module administrator can add any number of Modules, Roles, and Events in every module.

Our B2B portal Domain Expertise:
● Healthcare
● Retail
● Manufacturing
● Telecom
● Banking
● Energy
● Media and entertainment
● Transportation and logistics
● Public sector
● Technologies

How We Can Optimize Your Business
Speak to our B2B portal consultants now to discuss a unique solution for your business that will automate routine actions and save your time for something bigger.